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Welcome to Whippoorwill Charm

I am so glad you found us!

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Welcome to Whippoorwill Charm!

I am Kimberly Shetron, the Owner/Founder of Whippoorwill Charm INC., a custom-made home decor and DIY manufacturer based in Northeast Arkansas.

For the past decade, my team and I have been designing, painting, and creating unique DIY door hangers, home decor, porch decor, fundraiser projects, subscription boxes, and more for small business owners across the United States just like you. 

In 2014, armed with a barn, a saw, and a passion for creating, I launched this business to supplement my family's income. Fast forward to 2024, and it has evolved into a thriving operation with over 20 employees and 20 in-house machines producing thousands of quality, affordable products every month.

Our Mission:

Since expanding to offer wholesale, my primary objective remains to empower creators like myself. I am committed to your success and dedicated to helping your business flourish. With a focus on providing the products, tools, and support I once sought when starting out over a decade ago.

Join our community of over 700 vendors nationwide and experience:

  • Tailored and custom designs to improve your business profitability and overall success.

  • Exclusive products. Many designs, signs, and decor are exclusive to us because they are created in-house. 

  • Quality decor pieces at reasonable rates.

  • Outstanding customer service and access to our community group full of wonderful creators like you. 


At Whippoorwill Charm, my team and I aim to support makers and entrepreneurs at every step of their journey.

Explore our offerings and let us help you achieve your business aspirations today!

In addition to the printed home decor and gift ideas, you will see on this site I also own and manage two other sites that serve the business.


One includes unfinished products for those who have paint studios or paint their products to sell at markets or fairs and another site that caters to our public art studio and items we sell to the general public.


If you are interested in either of these areas of our business check out the links below! 


Interested in more than finished products for your store? We also sell unfinished/blank products like these wholesale! 


Check out these samples of our work! We offer printed, blanks, DIY projects, and paint parties. Our business has many lines of service that all center around our laser cutting machines which produce home decor and DIY projects engraving and so much more.

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